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Our unique waterproof bags are sold plain or can be printed with your child's name or photo on the front! They're perfect for swimming, dancing, and all sports and are unique in that they come with a bright carabiner clip & drawstring for kids to clip onto the outside of their schoolbags. The bags are made of our quality waterproof fabric and the clips are incredibly easy for little fingers to use.

The bags are 46cm wide and 43cm deep and the perfect size for a towel, bathing suit, togs and goggles, etc.
When placing your order, let us know what you'd like to print on the bag & we'll come back to you with a sample before we have it made, or during the order process, upload a picture and message of your choice.
The bags come in pink, green, navy, red, blue and turquoise. 
*Our fabric is a 600PU coated polyester. This keeps it "non-rubbery" and machine washable but also makes it slightly less waterproof than fully sealed seamed rubber or plastic material. Totally puddle and showerproof fabric rated 600PU waterproof. 
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